Recently, many companies often carry out office furniture rental for enterprises. On the one hand, they feel that the company only operates for a period of time and does not need long-term use. Why is office furniture not recommended for rental? Office furniture companies do not recommend the use of corporate office furniture rental, unless it is the kind of office furniture attached to the rental office or the company does not need a fixed location, this kind of money will be more suitable for renting furniture.

First, the rental cost of corporate office furniture is not low!

Why is office furniture not recommended for rental? Many people feel that the cost of renting furniture is lower, but in fact? In addition to the basic rent and deposit, there is a need for a series of other expenses, such as transportation costs, installation costs, maintenance costs and even maintenance costs and damages. Wait, the final cost will not be much less than the cost of buying office furniture.

As for the so-called transportation, installation and even indoor design, many office furniture companies are free to serve customers, and there are after-sales maintenance costs and so on can save customers. If you feel that it is not used for a long time, you can sell it when you don’t need it, so you can recover a certain cost.

Second, the quality of corporate office furniture rental is worrying

Why is office furniture not recommended for rental?

Why is office furniture not recommended for rental? First of all, rented furniture is not necessarily suitable for use in your own corporate office. Secondly, corporate office furniture rental has inevitably been used by many companies, and its quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

Finally, the furniture itself has hidden dangers that not only affect the user’s work during use, but also cause the company to pay more for repairs and compensation due to damage during use. However, if you buy furniture from an office furniture company, you don’t have to worry about these problems, at least new products, and there are certain brand guarantees and after-sales services, so the quality will be sufficient.

Why is office furniture not recommended for rental? This is my many years of experience and I hope to help many friends! ! !